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Sometimes I think of what might have been with you. You never really gave me chance. You freaking played with my feelings. You led me on. You just wanted to be nice, but you should have been honest. I wanted to like you. I wanted you to be my boyfriend. I wanted to see you as the perfect person that others saw you as, but I saw your true colors. You meant well and I get it. You didn’t want to hurt me, but you did. You should have told me about liking the other girl. You didn’t have to serenade me. You didn’t have to open up so much. You didn’t have to talk to me. Sometimes, I wish you didn’t talk to me. Sometimes, I wish you had just ignored me. It would have been so much easier for me to focus. I wouldn’t have thought of you as my future boyfriend. I would have thought of you as just another guy in our group. I would have just thought of you as a normal person.

Wow. I just needed to get that off my chest. This is an official goodbye to my past crush. Hello to my current boyfriend <3

Younha: Zico, it looks like your nose has gotten bigger.
Zico: I was actually picking my nose yesterday and I guess it got swollen from that. For some reason, my nose swells whenever I pick it.
Younha: Not because you were treating your blackheads?
Zico: Nah, boogers. Staying in the studio for a long time, things get stuck up in there. Normally I'll pick my nose with Jaehyo hyung before we move to our next schedule.
Jaehyo: Why are you bringing me into this!
Zico: Are you denying this?
Jaehyo: ...No.
ladies and gentlemen, block b everybody...